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20 Ways to Stay on Track in 20 Minutes or Less


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Awesome ideas. Report
Good info thank you SP! Report
Great Article Report
Great article Report
I can do it. Report
* Plan five meals

As part of my diet, I plan out four or more dinners and lunches in advance. Works well in losing weight and I know if I need to make a trip to the grocery store! Report
For the amount if white bread I eat I think I can avoid throwing out- my old man grew up in the F-era when BROWN BREAD was white bread coloured with molasses, Report
all of them are doable ideas. To pick one would be impossible. I do see a few that would be beneficial for me. Report
In #19, I think you mean 100 hours, not 100 minutes. Report
Oh no! Strawberries are #1 on the "Dirty Dozen" list. I must look for organic more often because I eat a lot of strawberries. Report
Great points. I will start with number one and add one of these to my daily routine each day until I have incorporated all twenty. By then, number one will have become a habit and I will nurture a new habit each day. Report
Really good ideas, enjoyed reading this article! Report
Great ideas. Report
good tips I can do Report
Love these ideas. I will try to put them front and center for me to refer back to. I need to do something I've gone months with losing and gaining 2#. Keep staying the same! Report

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