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3 Strikes Against Running: Is it Time to Hang up Your Sneakers?

Do the Benefits of Running Outpace the Risks?


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I run daily.. it’s my release and I lose it. No plans to stop Report
I was not able to view the photos of the trainer's legs, but I can absolutely attest to the fact that running does NOT lead to muscle loss in that area! Quite the contrary. I ran 5 miles/day when I was in college. Although running allowed me to maintain a very low weight (125 lbs. -- 10 lbs. LESS than I weighed in high school,) my calf muscles bulked up to 17." I could no longer wear my riding boots. Report
Everything is bad for you or good depending on the amounts. Report
Very important to know. Report
Runners run because they love it. I get it, it’s not my exercise of choice. It’s one form of amazing cardio, it’s not the ONLY form which is something some runners fail to realize. Recently I’ve noticed people out running with such incredibly bad form that it has to be negatively impacting them. Wise people listen to their body and know when it might be time to try/add something a little joint friendlier. Strength comes from knowing and listening to what our bodies say about the demands we make on it. This article is an excellent resource...thank you. Report
Thank you Report
I have really never enjoyed running but I walk 5 miles a day. Report
I run for the enjoyment. I do not run for exercise.
My opinion, those leg photos look terrible. I would never want my legs to look that distorted.
Great info! Report
Great information! Report
Absolutely great Report
I never enjoyed running and found myself at basic training,having to run 1 1/2 mile to graduate. I would take a lap at a time and was able to go above and exceed the time allowed. Fast forward and I found myself running 4 miles just because I could and found out it's the quickest way for me to lose unwanted pounds. It's been a while now and I've been entertaining the thought again. Report
I do not "run" for exercise. I do "run" for fitness. In PE Class we were taught fitness is being able to do everything you need to do, regardless of age or circumstances. Never know when you may need to run--so I include some running in my fitness plan. Report
I did a lot of running when I was in my 20's. I injured my knees and the sports doctor told me not to run on cement sidewalkd but to rin on asphalt or dirt instead. The pounds per foot as you strike the sidewalk is greater. I quit running afterI graduated college, started a career and began a family, just bo time abd I got lazy and overweight. Fast forward to being in my 60' where I realized I needed to improve my health. I walk every day as fast as I can averaging 4 mph for 2 miles. I just not up to running any more. Report
Thanks! Report

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