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4 Steps to Healthier Surroundings

Spread the Spark to the World Around You


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Helpful and supportive ideas to develop a healthier life style. Report
I started losing weight because my doctor said I needed to, or else . . .
But a funny thing happened. I didn't tell people about or make a big deal of it. In fact I avoided talking about it, but all around my, I found my friends and family who saw me successfully lose 60 lbs and get in shape started losing weight and working out also. My wife took up running and lost weight because she wanted to share the activity with me. My son and his wife both started losing weight and working out. My niece suddenly, um, coincidentally got thin. People at church started dropping lbs. All around me, whether they were knowingly or intentionally following my example or not, I started seeing lots of people doing the same. It only takes a spark. Report
I have done the pizza thing (soaking up the excess grease with a napkin) for many years :) Report
I have been surprised at what a big motivation it has been to me that I'm setting a good example to my younger coworkers...keeping on track is my quiet way of saying, "Look, if I can do it, you can too!" Report
I like these ideas, especially leading by example. I'm usually surrounded by coworkers who will go out to Taco Bell, McD's, Krystals, or other fattening places and bring it back to eat. I'm usually the one with something healthy brought from home. Now one of the other girls is starting to do the same thing. Report
I like the ideas of leading by example...not pushing. People change when they are ready - the trick is to make the time to help when they ask. Report
I loved all the ideas in this article except for the notion of "pushing others." That simply does not work and isn't why Chris' colleague was motivated to start an exercise streak for herself. By posting the number of days of his streak on his door, Chris quietly set an example for her that she chose to emulate. Report
I like the idea of the streaks. This can keep me on track. Report
I love the idea of Streak Charts. It really keeps you motivated if you know that others will see your progress (or lack of!) Report
The ideas expressed in this article sound very reasonable. Putting them into practice looks like a wee bit of a challenge for me - but an interesting one. Report
Pushing others to push yourself is a great point! I got my husband started on running, but his legs are a lot longer than mine. I've really picked up my pace since we started working out together! Report
I had to laugh about the pizza thing. I have been doing that since I was 13, but my little habit I started at work which impacts anyone who buys a steak sub. Our steak is very greasy once cooked and I noticed when putting it on the subs it made it soggy and just ucky looking, so I started using tongs to seperate the meat from the greasy juices. And sure enough, it caught on at my store and I think some other stores in the company are doing this now also. Report
Hey, I'm no dummy! If one out of four people in Alabama are obese...and we should surround ourselves with positive experiences...I'm gonna stay the heck outta Alabama! Report
I love this article. I believe in surrounding myself with positive people and always try to encourage others in all they do!!!! Thanks for the article. Report

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