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Master the Art of Forgiveness in Just 5 Steps

Is Holding a Grudge Making You Sick, Tired or Worse?


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There is an error in this article. It says there are five steps, and there are, but they're numbered, from 1 to 2, and then again it starts at the beginning, from 1 to 3. So that confused me at first. I had to look back, and see what was going on there.

I like the letter idea. And it's good that you don't have to send it, because some people definitely don't care whether you forgive them or not, and don't really deserve the respect you would be showing by sending them a positive letter like that. Report
The act of forgiving benefits the forgiver the most. Report
Great advice! Thanks for sharing! Report
I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Thank you but please re-number. There are 2 number 1’s and 2 number 2’s. However, great ideas! Report
Where are steps #4 an #5 ? Report
I have heard it said that failing or refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Harboring resentment and unforgiveness primarily hurts oneself as it continues to fester. Report
Oops. Meant to say, it is between them and their maker. (Singular) Report
I agree that to hold a grudge and harbor resentment gives THEM the keys to my heart. Someone close to me once asked the question: when a person stays angry or bitter towards another, just who is controlling who? ( I may have to say it every day for a while until it finally sinks in and I grab a hold of it but I choose to forgive and walk free). This sets ME free. What that person does is between them and their makers that are laws of sowing and reaping and we all reap what we have sown whether good or bad. Report
Nothing in this says that one has to be ready to forgive. Maybe I’m not willing to let go of the anger just yet because it’s what motivating me to better myself? It’s not a grudge—rather it’s not a forgiving the other for the hurt they consciously, and systematically, and wilfully caused.

I don’t know. I can forgive mistakes, but wilful acts of hurt? That’s a bit tougher to swallow. Report
forgiveness is not for the other person. It's for us. Report
My mother and my neighbor. Report
Great article and things we can all work on. Report
It is so unhealthy, SparkFriends and most of the time, the person isn't even aware how we're feeling. Forgive as you would want to be forgiven and move on. Don't give anyone this kind of power over you Report

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