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6 Tips Every Parent of a Picky Eater Will Appreciate

Making Meal Modifications for Picky Kids


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My mother's way of dealing with picky eaters was "here's the food. Eat it or starve." That was after "stay at the table until the food in question was eaten". Report
These work for get togethers as well, SparkFriends Report
It's good to remember that we all have preferences. Report
Thanks Report
good ideas Report
I had one rule. . . whatever I made for supper, the kids had to have a 'no thank you helping' to at least try it (that was about a tsp. of the dish). IF they didn't like that, they were free to eat the sides (always had veggies, which they generally didn't balk @ or at least one thing they would eat).

Also having they help w/the prep was a huge plus. They invested time in helping prepare the dish, so they were more likely to like it.

My son, now 27, is a certifiable foodie and executive chef! LOL So it paid off for him. Report
Great Ideas Report
Great article for any parent. Report
thank you Report
interesting Report
Some good ideas Report
Interesting article Report
Good info Report
I tried to get my kids involved in the kitchen when they were really young so I don't recall having issues with them eating. I guess it was like any other arts & crafts, get your hands dirty and have fun.
thanks Report

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