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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

Reasons to Turn Up the Heat in the Kitchen


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Spices for me but not for husband, so have to watch every ingredient. Report
I cannot easy spicy food like I use to eat. They upset my stomach Report
Love my Thai & Chinese foods spicy but not overly hot. Mexican food, it depends. Those carrot slices prepared in vinegar with jalapenos are fabulous as is some extra spicy salsa and I like to keep it where I can still taste the entree. No habaneros for me.
Same for any chicken wings; pour on the seasonings to keep it medium warm. I just can't do the extremes.
Awesome...thanks... Report
good article Report
As a Malaysian of Indian origin, spices are a normal inclusion in our diet and we honestly cannot live without these on a daily basis....salt and pepper are just not enough!! Report
Nice Article!
Have you heard about this spiciest chilli of India?
LOVE spicy food! Report
I love spicy food! Great article! Thanks!! Report
Ohhh, I love my hot sauce! Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Yaaaaay for the chili peppers! Thanks Melissa. This was a well-researched article! Report
I love hot sauces from all over the world and get them as gifts from people. There is very few that I have to use sparingly. Report
Good to know. Report

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