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Are You Drinking the Wrong Kind of Milk?

We Spill the Skinny on How to Pick the Best Dairy Drink


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thank you Report
I have loathed cow's milk since childhood and would drink it only when forced to (which fortunately was not often!) Fortunately, I have always loved cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese; I eat fat free Greek yogurt or cottage cheese nearly every day and have low-fat cheese several times a week. For drinking, I've used soymilk since discovering it in college more than 3 decades ago when you could find it only in health food stores. However, soymilk does NOT have 130 calories a serving; an 8 oz. glass has 90 or 100, depending on the brand. Report
cows are artificially inseminated each year to make them produce abnormal amounts of milk for human consumption.. oh and the calves... they are taken almost immediately so they don't deplete the cows milk supply for humans then the calves once fattened up are killed for the meat trade
cow milk is for baby cows
oh and some plant based milks are kinder to the environment too Report
I'm off milk. I eat yogurt, so I get the calcium and such. Report
Almond milk and cashew milk for me. But I don’t just drink a glass but use in foods. Report
Vitamin D milk tends to be too thick for me and I've found my niche in the soy almond milk. I've also been "told" it's good for menopause. Good lessons learned, SparkFriend. Report
I am currently drinking oat milk with my cereal, 1/2% at times as well. Report
Wow some rude responses from people up in arms over something that doesn't affect them in the least!
Select what you want and hush your opinion on other people's choices. Report
When reading this article, I was surprised (almost) to see I am drinking the right kind of milk. I use to just think that milk was a matter of taste. Report
thank you Report
very helpful Report
very helpful Report
Great info. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thanks for the information! As I am hearing more & more cracks in this beautiful body I definitely don't want to have any "real" cracks so I do enjoy milk so very informative. Report

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