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10 Fake Foods You're Probably Eating

Are You Sacrificing Real Ingredients for Convenience?


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Whatever happened to "There are no bad foods."? Report
Thanks so much! Report
I was eating some of those more! Report
I'm trying to avoid processed foods altogether. I'm also cutting most sugar, all gluten and all dairy. I've developed some allergies and sensitivities. Fake foods just make the allergies worse! Report
I know the fake crab is really not good for you Report
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Not saying they are healthy but processed cheese singles may be labeled as "product" not because they have so much less cheese but rather that they contain ingredients not allowed by the FDA standard for those products. For example, Kraft Singles often contain milk protein concentrate that is not allowed by the standard for pasteurized process cheese food or spread. So they have to call it something else. The actual cheese amount may be the same (or even more) than a product that does not contain it. To get a product that has the most cheese, chose a product labeled "pasteurized process cheese". It will have the fewest added ingredients. Report
As an update, some members might include Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers i.e. the plant based faux burgers for vegans and vegetarians.

I have tried both and both do taste like beef. However, you could make the argument that these products even though they are plant based, soy or pea protein, they are also highly processed and could be classified as fake food.

I make the Original Tollhouse Cookies a lot, just the other day I was thinking that I needed to find a "healthier" version. So, on the Chocolate Chip Flavored Cookies, I followed the link and I think I may have found me a new cookie recipe. Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. - ha! my take away from this article mainly because I try to eat real food not food-like products. Report
All those foods scream fake, when I was a kid ice tea was made at home with tea and water, never liked any of the bottled ice teas because they are too sweet. I make maple syrup about every couple of years, so no fakes there, and those cheese singles are gross! So are chicken nuggets, I think kids like them because they are tender unlike eating real meat.
People argue endlessly about what the best eating plans are, but I'd like to point out that most of them rely on eating REAL food - stuff that a little kid could identify in a picture book. Report
No, there are none of these items in my house, and I'm highly unlikely to order them when I'm out. Report
Nope, nope, nope!! These types of processed foods were the first to disappear from my healthy diet many years ago. I try to avoid packaged/highly processed foods. Report

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