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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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I have FItbit One. I preferred the clip, instead of the wrist band. I have the One for over three years and not once lost it or fall out. It provides me with the necessary info I need. Report
I have a Samsung Gear Fit and while it doesn't sync w/ Sparks, I love this little device! Well worth the $100 I spent.

Before I bought it, I researched all the trackers that DO sync with Sparks because that was a feature I wanted, and I bought the Garmin VivoSmart was a good device as far as functionality, but I found it uncomfortable to wear as the heart rate monitor stuck out on the back and dug into my wrist.

I also did not like that you couldn't customize the appearance in any way, no interchangeable band, and while it was offered in 3 colors, they were all so dark unless you looked closely all of them appeared to be black.

I got a Fitbit One several years ago and it always served me well. I wanted one that would give me my HR, so I upgraded to a Fitbit Charge HR and I love it because it's on my wrist and I don't have to worry about it falling off or falling out of the holder (I had problems with the One because I don't always have pockets or belt loops to secure it). The HR is supposed to have a battery life of 5 days (I've had mine for just 3 days, so I'm anxious to see if that's true.) I thought the battery on my One lasted about 5 days, and it did fully charge in about an hour. I'm going to give the One to my husband. Report
which spar still had there tracker others to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Report
Being a bit of a Luddite, I question the wisdom of tying your health and fitness to a gadget that will 1) break, 2) become obsolete, or 3) will only be effective as long as the novelty of the thing lasts.

I'm considering going back to old-fashioned pen-and-paper journaling, as it does not require laptop/pc and an interwebz connection.
Also: no awful pop-up ads for ugly, overpriced yoga clothes. Report
Thank you for this article. When I got my tracker I spent a long time reading reviews and comparisons. I narrowed it down to Fitbit or Garmin. I found an article that helped me figure out the one that fit my fitness level and goals. I ended up with the Garmin Vivofit2 and love it. My husband got a vivosmart that he likes. He swims for his workout and he can wear it in the pool. It syncs with his phone, so he can get alerts from his phone and even search for his phone if he can't find it. I would recommend doing the research. Look at the trackers. I love the idea that there is a way to try out the tracker. One thing I like about mine is being able to get stylish replacement bands. That way I can wear it all the time with no reservation.
Cindi Report
No Apple Watch? :( Report
Thank you for this article. I did not realize I could connect my Fitbit Zip to my Sparkpeople account. This will be much more helpful. Keep up the great work Report
Thank you so much for this informative article! Sadly, none of the models have all the key features I want in one package- waterproof enough to swim with is my biggest wish. I do not have any tracker as of now; will save a fund for the day when my dream tracker is sold. Report
I have used various pedometers, the early fitbits, garmin vivofit and finally am using a garmin forerunner watch to track my walking. The pedometer continues to be a reliable step tracker with a long battery life, I lost both fitbits within days of purchase as the clip on style just kept falling off. The original garmin vivofit was excellent however I found that the replacement batteries just did not last (often would only last a month or two) and this became expensive. The Garmin forerunner smart watch has been the best value as it has GPS capability and charge duration. Report
I just switched from a fitbit flex to a Samsung Gear Fit but also used my Samsung health app to track my steps. Prefer the health app over all Report
Already using the Spark Activity Tracker. Unfortunately, its sale has been discontinued. I have found it to be a remarkably accurate tracker! Cannot say the same about some of the other trackers reviewed in this article. So, it is going to take some serious thinking on my part regarding which device to purchase when the Spark Activity Tracker that I have either ceases to function or is no longer supported by Spark People.

I also have a Garmin Forerunner watch for running that does not sync with Spark People. Love my Garmin watch! It is accurate with the HR monitor (which I use) and inaccurate without it. Report
I switched from fitbit to a garmin vivofit when it first came out. I wanted to not have to charge my device every couple days, because I kept walking off without it while it charged. I change batteries in the garmin every 10 months, and I wear it 24/7 even in the shower and the pool.
Vivofit won't monitor heart rate by itself but will sync with a chest strap heart rate monitor.
I didn't even know my 2 had an auto sync because I have been able to manually sync as little as once a week without losing data (even with the old generation unit).
for all of the units check the outlet shops for each company, for deals and discounts. Report
Don't need a fancy tracker just to track steps! I can go to Walmart or somewhere and get a pedometer that is just as good . I can't afford this fancy crap just to be healthy. Report
Miss my spark tracker wish you sill had them none of the others work on my inter net connection have a pedometer don't like it but its better than nothing . Report

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