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Take Action Against Emotional Eating

Regain Control With Exercise


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Good read! Report
Sometimes I eat an apple or carrot sticks. It seems like something with a crush helps. Report
Exercise does not remove stress for me, it causes more stress because it takes time away from taking care of things in my daily life, and if I don’t do those things, I really have more stress. Report
I struggling on this but I need to stay away from snack aisle🙁 Report
good points Report
Good tips Report
great tips Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
As a recovering binge eater, I have found that eating while I am emotional makes things better until the guilt sets in. Report
ah, yes, yoga is my 'comfort exercise' - I know this because I WANT to do it - it's like hug xxx

I lead a Spark team that works through Linda Spangle's book '100 Days of Weight Loss which is made up of 100 bite-sized 'lessons' which address emotional eating behaviours. The link is in my signature if you're curious. Report
What I personally would appreciate is tips on how to deal with situational emotional eating where exercise is not possible. My biggest stressor is work. I work in a group home taking care of people with developmental disibilities. I work long hours and exercise is not really an option. Report
I have been what I call thungry (thinking I'm hungry) even after I've eaten a well balanced meal. For the past few weeks I have been gaining (I was at my first goal weight and was hoping to lose another 5 pounds). I track every thing I eat usually and drink lots of water. But i also found myself in the cabinet digging into my "low cal snacks" because they are quick and easy to get to. They don't fill the void of wanting to eat one bit either. So i have now made it taboo to eat anything after my meals are completed. I allow myself two snacks a day, usually eaten with my meal. I had a 1.1 pound weight loss so far this week and I hope to continue to monitor my cravings. Report
I wish I could favourite this article! This is exactly what I have found to work for me, thank you for writing it and sharing it :) Report
thank you for the tips! great article!:-) Report
I completely agree that exercise can be a tool in managing stress and anxiety which often leads us to overeat, but moderation and context is important and it isn't the only way of lessening anxiety. Binge eating followed by compulsive exercise may help in regulating weight, but it does not solve the problem. Meditation, yoga, connecting with a friend, going for a walk in the woods...these are also effective ways of managing the anxiety that leads us to use food as a tranquiliser. As long as the exercise isn't compulsive or compensatory it can be a great tool for stress reduction, but it isn't the only one. Report

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