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Grocery Store Steals and Tips

How to Eat Right and Save Too!


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I also have a calculator in my purse so I can check to see whether or not using a coupon &/or the sale IS actually cheaper or not than another (house or generic) brand. Sometimes it's NOT! I think that "modern" grocery shopping is as entailed & as hard of work as "hunting & gathering" used to be! But I'm proud of the "steals" I make & always tell my husband (& daughter & mother) about the best ones! It's fun for me. Report
In our city, we are blessed to have 3 major grocery stores literally across the street from each other! So when the ads come out on Wednesday, I sit down & right down everything in which I might be interested from each store, under that store's name. If I think I have a coupon for the item, I put a star by it. Then I check my coupon holder, where all the coupons are in alphabetical order (MUCH easier to find things that way!!) I pull them out, put them in the "pile" for each store, then put them in order according to how they come IN the store. Then I fold my sheet of paper in 4ths, tuck the coupons in one "pocket" & put the whole thing in my purse so I have it! I know this SOUNDS like it takes a lot of time, but I do it while I'm watching TV at night, so there's no EXTRA time spent on it! I also take the grocery ads w/me when I shop, because occasionally, an item listed is nowhere to be found & I have to ask about it. Sometimes, THEY don't have a flier, so they don't even know about what I'm asking! I keep the ads, my coupon holder, my CROCHETED produce bags (& the few plastic ones I keep REUSING) in a larger bag & leave it in the back of my car, only taking it in the house when I need to replace the ads &/or sort coupons. I also pull all the coupons expiring for the month & put them in the front. That way I can look through them & see if there is anything I REALLY want to get---BEFORE the coupon expires! When there is a deal on something I use, I get several---as many as I have coupons for---& stock up on "steals" so that I RARELY have to buy anything "full" price (basically, only gas for the car & milk!) When you comparison shop, you can save A LOT!! I also have a number of extremely strong plastic grocery bags which I've been using for about 20 years & I get 5c a bag for using them at MOST of the stores. This, too, adds up. I kept track one year & made $25! Every little bit helps!! Report
Coupons absolutely save money. Especially with double and triple coupons! Buying on sale and using coupons, many items are cheaper than the store brands. Report
I never had problems with my children wanting things at the store, and I took them with me from pumpkin seat, until they could stay home alone... the key word early....
I have more problems with adults standing in the middle of the aisle, talking on the phone..... Report
Coupons only save you money if you buy that brand.. most of the time, the store brand is the same thing, and cheaper than the name brand, with the coupon.... Report
Enjoyed the part of the article it would let me read...whats up with the conclusion page 3! Report
It IS important to teach kids about healthy and economical choices. On the other hand, I can't even begin to cont the number of times that a child has darted in front of my cart as I was shopping, the number of times a kid has played with the food displays, the number of screamers, the number of times that a little cart is left in the middle of the aisle, the number of times that a child has stood up in a cart (and a couple have fallen out of the cart). And every time, there has been an inattentive adult nearby. I am tired of being scowled at or told to mind my own business when I ask for some consideration by these boors. I did take mine to the store, but at less busy times, with enough adults to supervise; and if there was a fuss, then straight home to do chores (no rushing home to play games or watch TV). Report
we have three places we check before we do much shopping. The marked down produce cart, unperishable cart it has things like olive oil or salad dressings slightly dented cans or stuff they are discontiuing. theres a special section in the meat dept. that has marked down meats. I freeze and use with in 7 to 10 days or I cook it that day. I would say at least 85% of our meat comes from there and about 50% of our salad stuff comes from the produce dept cart. Its a great way to save money. Report
Now that my husband is forced to go on a diet as well, this will certainly come in handy and just at the right time. It is amazing how things fall into place when you need them most. Report
and then there are always the dented cans.... Report
SO true about those cheaper versions of groceries being 'hidden' either high or low on the shelves. My dad worked for Kroger's and would get so upset at how the employees were 'taught' to use sneaky sales practices for the company's gain. Now as this article says, brand specific company's are paying to have their product at eye level...yet another trick that causes us to have to shop 'harder' for bargains. We can do it though, yes we can!! Report
Very good article. The grocery display part is totally correct. The store reps are paid to set the displays where the consumer will be tempted to purchase. (compulsive buying) That's why the candy bars are right at the checkout. I disagree with the child part however, I've never had a child who threw temper tantrums. I would think that it would be beneficial as a training tool to take the children and discuss the purchases with them. Obviously if you have a three year old who does not understand ,you would want to leave him/her home, but on the other hand how do you teach them that they can't have everything they want just because they want it? This is a personal question and it has a unique answer for each family. Report
Some people consider coupons a burden or a chore, but I look at them as free money! I don't know of another "job" where I spend a 1-2 hours a week, and "earn" $98 or more. Report
I've been using a lot of these things since I've started my weight loss/healthy eating. I've found so many things that make a difference. The article mentions that certain produce items are cheaper at certain times, which is so true. Oranges are so cheap right now! So are bananas. I stock up on those. Also, its so important to compare amounts in products. Like when I"m buying canned goods or frozen goods, its generally so much cheaper to buy the larger items. I also go to different grocery stores to do my shopping. I get my produce at aldi, and just about everything else at walmart. Eating healthy has become cheaper than eating poorly. Report
This is an excellent article. Some of the tips I knew, but you opened my eyes to other things I can do. Thanks a bunch. Report

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