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Are Specialized Studios Worth the Extra Dough?

Discover Why Bigger Isn't Always Better


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thanks for sharing Report
Interesting article. Report
I think it’s higly individual. I really enjoy my gym setting.. and I appreciate the many variations I can get when I work out. But if I didn’t have a good knowledge base, a boutique type of experience might be beneficial. Report
Horses for courses...
I used to use a gym, but having moved to rural France, I bought some weights, a rower, balance ball and resistance bands and vary my own workouts to suit. An English-speaking PT has just moved into the area, so after the new year I will start with her too.... Report
Not for me - too much work to get to one, & expense. Report
Not a fan. Report
Personally I don't need the frills of a boutique gym. Report
great job Report
Great stiff Report
The gym I'm a member of offers all kinds of specialty classes without paying additional for each class. For some, it's worth it, for me to pay extra, not so much. Report
Absolutely Report
I joined a private functional fitness gym and have found it worth every penny. They know me by name and email me when I miss too many classes. The coaches watch my form and correct me when I screw up. My knee pain has disappeared as my legs have gotten stronger. My lean muscles has increased and my body fat has decreased. I planned to just do six months (as VERY expensive), but am staying permanently as the owner worked with me on price rather than lose me over dollars. he really does care about his clients. Tryumph functional fitness in Largo, Fl. Report
I suppose it's worth it for some people. Being on a budget, even a regular gym isn't in my future. Report
Excellent Report

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