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5 New Year's Resolutions for Fit People


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Wow, #1 is awful - don't be *that* person... Mind your own business and don't be trying to influence what others do. You can't change anyone (who's not ready to change) and no one appreciates outside interference (and may make even someone ready to change refuse to make a change out of sheer stubbornness!). Report
Great info. thanks Report
Great reminder for this time of year. Report
Very interesting article and perfect for this time of the year. Report
Not just for fit people, good resolutions for everyone! Report
thanks Report
I have noticed since I have been off sick its been a LOT easier to manage my life and my weight, Report
I like the one about relationships. We're often so focused on OURSELVES and our own desires that we overlook even our own friends and families. Report
Once again, reminders of stuff I knew and either forgot or chose to ignore! Report
I just want to be healthy and cook more healthy for my family. My goal is to have better energy levels so I can enjoy life more. Report
I am going to declutter my home. Report
My goals for this year 1) beat my exercise minutes from 2015 and 2) drink at least 1 glass of water a day (trying for 8 glasses a day was getting too hard to maintain, but 1 glass a day usually leads to another glass, so I still get my water in).
Thanks for such a great article. Although I am only halfway to my weight goal my overall goal has shifted greatly since joining a year ago. Instead of just losing a lot of weight I want to get healthy and strong and as a result of the good things going on in my body I am coming to peace with myself. It has to be more than just about the weight loss so thank you for pointing this out. Report

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