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5 Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity

Better Ways to Handle Criticism


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Great Article! Thanks! Report
definitely easier said than done Report
Great advice! Thanks! Report
Tough to deal w/ negative people whom you can't get away from like coworkers or relatives. I do agree you can let them know you don't appreciate their comments or attitude. Report
It's best for my wellbeing to avoid and or leave toxic relationships. Report
Sometimes it can be difficult to get things back on track when interactions are routine. Just as we recognize a "baby step" approach to dieting and healthy lifestyle, that approach may also be viable in bringing toxic communication back to to the middle line. Start small, if and only if, the person is actually worth the effort. Also, an offensive approach is better than any defense. The objective is not to be liked. The objective is to be respected!
Just my opinion. Report
negative people always seem to need an audience Report
Good reminder thank you for sharing! Report
I had to walk away from a weight loss support group because it was toxic. There were several people there who trouble makers and the leadership was tolerating it. Felt like I was back in middle school. Glad I left. Report
I liked this article. It's a reminder to not give negative people control over how we feel about ourselves. Report
Great advice! Report
Negative people do not give constructive criticism. It's not in their skill set. Just walk away. Cut them out of your circle. Report
Great advice. I got out of a toxic work environment because I got tired of trying to elevate it. It was way too draining and I was tired and grumpy all the time. Sometimes you have to walk away. The job I have now is wonderful. Report

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