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The Heart of a Woman

Heart Disease: Why It's Different for Women


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I learned new things in this article. Thanks! Report
Informative article. Report
My Mother had her first heart attack at 45 and died very recently at 69 of heart disease; I felt like if I could have given her a piece of my heart I would have. The doctors said the entire back wall of her heart collapsed. My sister had a heart attack last year at 52; she and my mother continued to smoke following their heart attacks. Please everyone, if you do smoke try to quit. You never want your family to see you suffer so much. *PS I live in new york; instead of outlawing large sodas they should outlaw cigarettes! Report
I am living proof heart disease can happen at any age. During labor my BP went to stroke level so high cold not do csection right away. Baby born 07-01 heart failure 08-01 age 28. I am now 38 and my life has changed so ladies please cut stress down and take care of yourself. Report
All true! My mom had a heart attack at 33 years old. She'd been to the doctor many times over a 3 month period, but they didn't recognize her "atypical' signs in the mid-80's. That heart attack disabled her 24 years ago. Report
Good article. take care of your hearts ladies. I didnt & had to have emergency heart surgury- no fun but its 6 years later and I am well. However only just started to take care of myself as I thought I was super woman but now Im scared of diabetes.So I have joined Spark and will stay and loose weight and get fit!! Report
Excellent article. Thank you for bringing up this topic. My mother died at age 62 of a heart attack, my mother's mother was 73 when she died of heart disease. My two grandfathers died at 40 and 50 from heart attacks, and my father's mother was on 56 when she died of a heart attack. I have been studying nutrition and fitness and have become a health coach to help others. We can prevent heart disease by living a healthy lifestyle. 80% of diseases are lifestyle related. Together, we can turn these statistics around and live long and healthy lives. Report
My mother died at 51 of heart disease. She has her first heart attack at 39 and bypass surgery at 41. Last year my sister died of heart disease. Same history as my mother.
My husband is a heart patient and his cardiologist checked my out even had a thalium
tread mill and he said that I take after my fathers family who all live into their 100's. Even knowing this I still try to eat heart healthy and know not to live a sedentary lifestyle.
This was a wonderful article. Report
At the age of 29 I had a stroke that resulted from a hole in my heart. This is a very real problem in young and old women. I think that more emphasis and education should be brought to light regarding this issue. Stroke and Heart Disease kill more women every year then all the cancers and other medical conditions combined. I honestly think that every women should have a full cardiac work up in their early 20's to access the condition of their heart! Report
My mom recently died at 63...she had 3 arteries close to 100% blocked, and congestive heart failure, none of which was helped by having diabetes. She'd been told she had a heart attack at one point in the past and didn't even know it. Although she'd only been really bad off the last couple of years, her health issues started when she was around my age, maybe younger. I wish all this information had been around for her back then. Report
This particular topic strikes close to home for me. My mom died of an aortic aneurysm when she was 35 and pregnant with my twin and me. I learned in my early 20's that I have the same medical condition that killed her. For a long time, I was pretty fatalistic. I figured I was going to die and the same age so why did it matter if I took care of myself? I was very overweight, smoked and didn't exercise. I did have an aortic dissection when I was 37 but praise God, I survived. I woke from the surgery thinking I had a second chance and I needed to do things right from that point forward. I've never smoked again, started walking everyday and in 2 years lost nearly 200 lbs. I got complacent with my weight and my health and gradually the weight started to come back.

A year ago, I had a mild stroke when my blood pressure got sky high. I had been on medication for blood pressure and my insurance would no longer cover it. It only took 2 weeks of not being on medication for me to have the stroke. It was very mild but it was another wake up call for me to get my act together again. I'm not sure I will be so lucky a third time, so I'm not pushing my luck anymore! Report
Have been reading thru the comments and GOOD FOR YOU ALL!! and fo me too. I have coronary disease in my family - mostly males - but I know I am at risk too. Also why I joined SP and am now serious about my health & taking responsibility for it. We all rock!!! Report
my mom died from complications of heart disease at age 77 and my dad died of cancer and age 83. i considered them to be young so i am doing all i can to prevent these two diseases from ending my life early. i am not on a diet... i eat a healthy diet that includes a treat once in a while. and while i don't follow an "exercise plan", i am active throughout the day and maintain a healthy level of weight and fitness. i want to live to be 100! God willing... lol Report
This article is awesome! My mother had her first heart attach at age 36 & subsequently was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, then later on diabetes type 1. I do not want to follow in her foot steps if I can at all help it. I think as women we need to take a stand & take our health back, stop putting ourselves on the back burner for the rest of the family so we can suffer...I love my family but must first love myself ! Report
This is why I joined SP. Women in my family die from heart attacks. No one in my whole family has ever lived past 70! My last dr. visit indicated my cholestrol was 249. Time to do something about it. I want to break the pattern of heart disease in my family!! Report

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