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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


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I agree...a little at a time. Report
Multiple 10 minutes is about all my arthritic can deal with. After 10 minutes, my hips and knees are very painful and I have to stop anyway. Report
Good morning everyone - up for hours but a little late signing on. The idea of a 10 minute workout goes all the way back to when people got 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. If you do something small - i.e., I walked my dog this morning - 10 minutes over before I knew it. If you take a coffee break and leave the office you can walk to your coffee shop. Don't leave the building? Do 10 minutes of isometrics when you get home. And take a short walk before dinner. If you don't work, chart a 1/3-1/2 mile walk - perhaps around the block. But my favorite since retiring - walking the circumference of the grocery store - but only eye buying not stopping. You pass the healhiest foods (produce, meats, dairy) that way. Then walk up and down every aisle. But no samples :-) I can easily spend 1/2 hour - just doing the eye buying and then I can do my actual shopping quickly. It works. It really does and since I've been wobbly I've also noticed that pushing the cart gives me a little more speed in the first half and then I'm ready to pick things up. I started to do this on rainy or snowy days in Virginia. Then I did it when it was too hot - I was always a multi-tasker and I find doing this I don't even think about it being "exercise" - Cheers Report
I believe in these 10 minute routines. Report
Love your Blog. Report
The title says 10 minutes a day, but the article talks about three 10-minute sessions a day. I'm confused. Report
I wish this article were true. I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and started battling my blood sugar levels with a low carb diet and exercising. I unfortunately did not achieve results until I started serious exercise. You know, that kind that makes you sweat and cry and where you hurt from sore muscles everyday. I currently workout for hour long periods most days of the week because I have no choice. If I don't do that, my sugar levels spike up and stay up. Real and tough exercise is what is really going to make the difference in your blood sugar levels, not 20 little minutes a day broken up into segments. I'm not saying people shouldn't do that, as any exercise is better than none, but if you want real results you're going to have to work hard. Sorry for the brutal truth. Report
I have a knee injury so I am just doing a short 10 minute gently walk instead of regular exercise. Report
I have to say that the 10 minute fitness is liberating. I have been doing care taking and now am desk bound trying to catch up on 6 months of work, but I started doing alternating knee lifts marching while sitting at my chair, followed by kicks. I do it while I am typing on Sparkpeople and find my muscles get a real work out. I can do the arms later, but the legs I do while I am using the site. Report
MARTHA324 - I love Non-Smoking breaks! We have a great concourse on the first level of our building that's perfect for a quick 10 in the afternoon.

When I re-committed myself to my health this year, I started with 10 minute workouts. It wasn't long before I realized I wanted more and usually get 15-20 now. Won't be long before it goes up to 30.

I also made a schedule breaking my 10,000 steps into hourly increments (about 714 steps per hour). If the next hour is approaching and I haven't reach my goal, I get up and take a stroll around the office. Report
Enjoyed the article and discovered that I had indeed get squats, lunges, presses and stretching accomplished yesterday and this morning in packing and moving bins and boxes for moving. House work with a different purpose, helps form habits. Report
Reading the comments by other members is a real motivator for me. I am determined to make a better effort EVERY DAY! Report
this really works. When I committed to getting healthy I focused first on my eating and then on moving. I worked up to getting 10,000 steps and did in 10 min chunks during the day. Figured if smokers could take a smoking break, I could take a walking break. It all adds up. Report
I am glad to see this article. I am making a plan to exercise 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a day. After being ill for a long time, I don't have much stamina, but I feel energized today. I am feeling better day by day.10 minutes is a good place to start. Last night I worked on doing 15 minutes and I was very worn out and needed to lay down, 10 would have been much better. Thank You for this good information.

Cher Report
Read this article about 10 mins and got off my butt and did MY 10 mins!!! 10 mins seemed longggg... With just stretches and warm up exercises I bust a sweat! My "today" just started! My next 10 mins, after lunch... Actually, I'm gonna dance while cooking!!! Music on!!! Report

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