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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


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I can do just 10 minutes Report
Thank you! Report
We can do this. Just 10 MInutes. Yes we can! Report
Great article! Report
This is how I started out and it actually works. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
I stretch each time I do my teeth! Report
I was already doing this naturally, as 10 minute cold fasted dog walks :) Just means ramping it up by adding my HIIT workouts, through my online personal trainer etc. Glad I found your site via Google, since suddenly had an error today. Report
Thanks Report
I love this concept and it's one of the things that makes SparkPeople a great program for everyone.

Can't walk? Chair dance! Have an injury? Move other parts of your body!

I'm really trying to live the "10 minute minimum" principle, even on my low energy or supper busy days. Thanks, SP! Report
Thanks for the encouragement, every bit counts. I'm glad to know it all adds up. Report
Thank you for this encouragement. Report
We got this! Report
I do this Report

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