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9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Diet Plan

Find the Perfect Sustainable Eating Plan for You!


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Good advice, thanks. Report
You are right on! Report
Most diets that get presented to me fail question #2. They have a preponderance of cold lettuces and liver and severely restrict starches and pasta. I really hate salad dressing and hot sauces. Grapefruit and drugs I take for my heart are enemies. Report
Thanks. Report
Good article Report
Let me say that I appreciate the advice. However, I have followed a number of eating plans, including those I found on my own and those provided to me by nutrition/diet coaches. All of them have worked for the first five or ten pounds, but none of them dropped me further and none of the weight loss lasted. This wasn't due to an inability to stick with it or be strict, as my excitement about the end results was what drove me. Therefore, I am concerned about your comment that it is about calories. That wasn't true for me and I have only had success with Ketogenic. Even that was a struggle, at first, because I don't eat much and still considered calories which stalled my Keto diet benefits. Another example is when my doctor used her nutritionisht, since I tested pre-diabetic, I was also coached by my doctor's nutritionist to eat a Diabetic diet, which, at the time, included oatmeal, and that eating plan included oatmeal, wheat bread, etc. This made my test results worse and I gained weight. To summarize, I think the article is solid, but the comment about calories taken in doesn't apply to 100% of people. Report
I still go WW old exchange plan. It is flexible and gives me a framework to think it all through. Report
Thanks-I needed this. Report
Practical suggestions Report
Sound advice and all things I, finally, considered before starting this my latest and hopefully last journey. Report
Good advice to keep in mind. Report
Good info...Thx! Report
thanks Report
Thanks Report
Read again. Report

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