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10 Ways to Make (Almost) Any Recipe Healthier

Smart Substitution: Baking Ingredients


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Absolutely great Report
I've just ercently started putting a pinch of cinnamon in my coffee, and it's wonderful, makes coffee taste like I think coffee should taste - everyone seems to make it so strong
Lots of things I already do. Report
The article states - "Substitute white bread or tortillas for whole-grain versions." I believe the author got it backwards. To me that sentence states the we should be using white bread or tortillas as healthier choices. Whole wheat versions SHOULD be healthier than the white flour versions... Report
I just had my first meal with cauliflower fried rice. Amazing. Far better than I ever expected. It has quickly become my new favourite. Report
I've switched to non stick pans and a few sprays of oil for eggs, a few ounces of broth for sauteing, seems to work pretty well...given up on milder cheeses for now Report
The most unkindest cut of all was saved for the end. Cheese, folks, like eggs, is a reason to live. Alas, the suggestion is well known and I think I'll crawl back under the covers. I'm melting, melting....destroy all my beautiful wickedness. Report
Meat has to be salted prior to browning or you won't get that fabulous crust. The purpose of salt is to draw out moisture. Report
Great tips. Thanks. Report
Great tips. Report
I have used most of these. Report
I use most of these. Report
Good article. Report
I don't know if I can cut cheese. I sometimes use it as my protein. It tastes almost as good as beef. Report
Thanks for the hints. I "zoodle" everything with my spiralizer. Sweet potatoes are another thing I spiralize, along with zucchini and very thick carrots.Of course, zucchini are the easiest. I look for thicker in diameter zuc's. Report

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