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5 Diet Mistakes That Derail Your Workouts

These Food Flubs Affect Athletic Performance


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Love this article! Report
Great article! Report
Favorite line:
"...Remember that you haven't finished your training until you have refueled."

I love that! Report
article was very helpful.
I think I'm guilty in alot of the above & strive to make changes. Report
none of the links work...keeps saying...Page not found! Report
the link for post workout snacks does not work Report
You can gain weight drinking nutritional drinks. I have, without eating much at all. They have a lot of fat calories! Report
It appears that all of the links in this article do not work anymore - the page is missing (for the Determine your daily protein needs) Clicking on the link takes me to a 404 page

Glad to know that I wasn't the only one having trouble the link "nutrients that are needed for optimal performance." Report
I, too, would like to see the links, but they are still broken.

Great article. Report
Like everything on sparkpeople, this article assumes all readers are women. Men should be careful about deliberately trying to eat iron-enriched cereals or increasing their iron intake. I was glad to at least see the caution about taking iron pills. Report
for the broken link I searched SP it is easy to type in "determine your daily protein needs" and you get a sp point for the search.

The link for determining your daily protein needs is broken as well. Report
Link for "nutrients needed for optimal performance" is broken. Report
Great tips, I sometimes forget to eat breakfast after I work out. I know its a big no-no. Report

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