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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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As with everything, each individual has to figure out what works best for him/her. I'm not a soda drinker, I prepare my own flavored coffee, I always use artificial sweetener if I drink tea, I've rarely had whole milk in my nearly 45 years, I have almost always chosen 100% real juice over the others, and I keep water with me almost all the time. The hardest lesson I have ever had to learn about beverages though is that a serving of juice is only about 4 ounces, not 8. I have days when it seems like I just can't get enough orange juice - it can be REALLY tasty. Report
While I did not frequent Starbucks as a rule, I would put half n half in my coffee with 2 tsp sugar. When I stopped adding the sugar, and switched to lower fat milks, I lost weight immediately just by making the change. Report
WOW the part of the ALC drinks is very "sobering" i figured out that i am exerciseing and losing weight to drink it back on during the weekend. ouch!!!! from now on this is a drink free house!! Report
I used to drink 3-4 diet sodas a day, so I was not looking forward to giving it up, but surprisingly, it was very easy for me. I started paying attention to how my body felt when I had diet soda. I felt SO bloated and uncomfortable, that I just didn't want it anymore. Now, I still have one every once in awhile, but I always regret it afterward :) If I really want something more than water, I reach for Crystal Light. Report
I stopped drinking pop and switched to water. I do have 2 cups of coffee every morning. But, I much prefer drinking my water. I have about 1-2 pops per year. But, water has really been my choice for awhile. I love it!!! Report
Trying so hard to get rid of the diet cola, but it is the one indulgence I still allow myself on husband drinks two a day and I can't get him to even cut back.... Report
Indeed, it was hard for me to give up diet colas. I especially like the Coke Zero. More than other diet sodas, I have read that this kind is very unhealthy. In fact, in one Spanish speaking country, I read a report that it is "banned" . . .
Is it true that ALL sodas, diet or not, are bad for the bones? Report
Under Danger Drink #1 Soda it states: "Even diet sodas can adversely affect weight loss; the artificial sweeteners can leave you craving more sweets, which may sabotage your efforts to eat healthier. "

The same logic would then apply to those "On The Go" drink packets that are made to put into water bottles. And I just stocked up on them as a way to help me drink my eight. Report
Intersting that diet-soda wasn't addressed. Diet-soda is a big NO NO ! All it is, is chemicals...fake can your body even recognize how to metabolize it when there is nothing real to it? It can't. Skip it all together. Report
After I calculated the calories in the one coffee drink I do enjoy - a while chocolate americano - I had to give them up for a while and each day I take into consideration whether or not I can or even want to fit one in to my meal plan for the day. I miss them, but not enough to drink down 190 calories when I could be enjoying a delicious and filling snack of greek yogurt and strawberries. And I'm saving money, too, by not buying the coffee drinks. Now, they are a special treat - which means they also taste a lot better than when I drank them every day (and sometimes twice a day). Now it's just coffee with n/f creamer and sugar (each tsp tracked) once a day. And my body is happy. Report
I read this and thought.... argh! I just came back from diabetic education training and we were told the benefits of having 2 drinks of wine a week, coffee to help metabolism, milk.... it seems that there is a lot of contradictory research and it is so hard to know which is the right reason to base your choices on. Sugar drinks though like soda don't seem to have any place in a diet. Report
Where does diet soda fall? Is it better than regular soda? Is it a no-no? I;m with the other person...why wasn't diet soda mentioned since this is a website for losing weight?
I don't know if this has already been mentioned (haven't read all the other comments), but green tea isn't a great idea for ladies who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant -- it blocks the absorption of folic acid. Report
I find it a bit funny that they talk about soda but not diet soda at all, which I would think most of us here opt for, this being a weight-loss website...? Report
LIVINGBYGRACE commented about sugar in the smoothies. Who puts sugar in smoothies? Not I. I do once in awhile put a tablespoon of honey in for the nutrient benefits of the honey. I have also found that cottage cheese is nice in a smoothie instead of yogurt. Makes a nice thick smoothie.

I rarely drank soda to start with, but there are just some foods out there that beg for a soda, then I will have a diet one, but not more than once a week. I do like V8, or my plain home canned tomato juice with no salt is tasty chilled, but no substitute for soda. I really like it with some baby carrots and peanut butter for a snack.

My big thing to give up is sweet tea, and I just have not found a substitute for it. But it is a rarety anymore.

Water for me - almost always! Report

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