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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives


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Coffee is great as long as it is black. It’s when we add the sugar and cream we lose it. When we go to the coffee shop and order a latte or a macchiato we take in hundreds of calories even with a skinny. The coffee is a meal but usually with extra sugar and fat. Report
I just drink ice water Report
Excellent list...Thx! Report
I thought whole milk got back on the good list. Report
Thank you. Gave up soda when I was 18. Useful tips. Report
Great article, thank you. Report
great info Report
I dropped all other drinks, including sodas, months back, all I drink now is one cup of coffee a day, and then water all day long. It amazes me how much better I feel!! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks Report
Have a great day and count every swallow. Report
thank you Report
Thanks. Water is my choice of beverage. Report
I drink coffee in the mornings and am trying to decrease the creamer I use. Might check for non-fat ones as per article Report

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