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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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Ok I drink juice and make my own milkshakes. I have cut down on them allot but that is because the juice is getting expensive to buy them Report
I am glad that I don't care for caloric drinks. Good info. Thanks. Report
good points Report
I am so thankful that I am not a soda drinker. There are so many other nutrition dangers in my life without soda being just another struggle. GOOD NEWS it is WATER WATER everywhere and ALL that I WANT TO DRINK! Report
Getting in my water, but too much diet soda too. Report
I strongly disagree on the whole milk item. Wow skim or 2% may have fewer calories, the benefits of whole milk, especially if you can do it raw or at least not ultra-high pasteurized, heavily outweigh the benefits of a few less calories. I found I had far less gastric issues with milk when I switch to whole milk then I did on skim or 2%. Report
Already doing all of that! Report
Great suggestions! Report
This was a very enlightening article! Report
Good info Report
Great info Report
Great information! I'm so glad that the article included the good alternatives. Report
Great article Report
I always include calories from my liquids on my daily log. Report

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