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14 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Home Clean & Organized

Simple Tips for Cleaning and Organizing as Quickly as Possible


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Everything can't be easy. Like exercising (for some) you do it anyway! Report
I too used to watch hoarders. It always inspired me to clean up clutter. Most of my clutter now is papers that I need to sort through. I try to do it when it comes in but sometimes it does get ahead of me. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Start in one corner and progress from there. When I clean my classroom at the end of the year I have recycle, trash, Goodwill, other teachers or office, file, closet, cubbie, or cupboard, etc. I always like to start the new year with a tidy classroom. Report
I have a friend with a gorgeous clean home. I asked how do you do it. She says she never leaves a room without cleaning something. I started doing this and it works. Some days it is a tiny piece of lint--but there is always something. Report
A new year, a new start, and the renewed challenge of being consistent with these great tips! Report
Interesting tips, but not too practical. I wonder if the tipper has seasons in their part of the world, I wear different clothing in the summer, fall winter and spring, so it will be longer then a month before I wear many items. Also you really need to have a few good items of clothing, sometimes I don't wear them for years but I still keep a suit for funerals and weddings and stuff. Also at least two of the tips are based on the premise that you watch TV or have one, not everyone does. Report
like GTNP4ME, I found Fly Lady to be of great help several years ago when I was overwhelmed by how much "stuff" I had around. And yes, I too watch Hoarders with fascination because I can't believe people let their clutter get to that level ... My biggest struggle now is with papers - notes, articles, work-related documents and because as an independent contractor I work with several organizations, all the papers are different but important.. well, important to me anyway. Report
These are GREAT strategies!!! Report
If you have too much clutter, I would advise watching one of those hoarder t.v. shows. That will make you want to organize and clean up fast. Report
Good tips, but these tips, like anything else, get tiring after awhile, that's why they have been around for decades. And I'm not tossing my mothers 100 yr. old doll and items like that, after taking a picture of them, thanks just the same! Silly gal!! Report
Great tips. Am going to get started today. It's so inspirational. Report
Fly Lady ( has done an excellent job of helping set up, remind, track, and get into these sorts of systems and processes. I started "Flying" not too long before I started Sparking. Just as Spark Guy advocates starting in 10-minute increments, FL uses 15 minute blocks of To Do Today.

While FL has helped me get back on track with my basic household chores, Sparking has gotten my back on track with health, nutrition, exercising and more.
Steven Report
Love these. This is one area I need to improve on. Very helpful. Report
These are all great ideas I have used many over the years and I know that it is easier to keep something clean than trying to clean up after a big mess. These are things I try to convince my kids. I send them to their rooms and set an timer for 10 minutes. They are to work as fast as possible and after 10 minutes most of the stuff is put where it belongs and their beds are made. Report

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