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15 Healthy 200-Calorie Snacks

Learn How to Recognize Perfectly Portioned Snacks


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Great article. Thanks. Report
thanks Report
There are certainly a lot of options. Report
These are great choices! I'd be happy with any of them, thanks! Report
Great suggestions! Report
Excellent ideas for a snack, love the chart! Report
Love the combinations for the snacks! I often have several of these on hand but don't think about pairing them! Report
Thank you for the Great Ideas. It's hard for me to come up with ideas that are low calorie snacks. I printed this out and put it on my fridge.I have such a hard time losing weight. Thanks! Report
Great ideas. And a NEW shopping list for me. Report
Great food pairings, Thank you. Report
Great combinations.... Report
Nice tips! Thank you! Report
Some really good choices on this list! Report
Looks good! Report

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