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How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Sneak More Veggies into Your Diet with These Delicious Drinks!


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interesting - I never had a smoothie Report
Thanks for the handy reference chart! Report
Great recipes! Report
So how does one "Pin this Graphic for Future Reference" anyway Report
yummy... Report
Thanks. This is very helpful. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for sharing! Report
I make green smoothie w/ spinach, crushed pineapple, vanilla protein powder & coconut milk. Tastes like a pina colada.
Also mix spinach w/ blueberries, almond or cashew milk, cucumber & pear or mango slices. Lousy color so I pour into blue or real green glass & drink thru a large straw.
Adding ice helps break down the leaves, my Ninja works best if I start w/ greens & liquid then add the rest but as I am more concerned w/ the nutrients I drink even if not completely smooth. You can add oats to thicken or even homemade bread crumbs rather than make toast if you're running late in the AM. Keeps me energized & full for hours. Report
All of them sounds delicious! Report
Great ideas. Thanks. Report
Thanks. This is very helpful. Report

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