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How a Good Gut Keeps You Healthy

Want a Healthy Body? Cultivate a Healthy Gut


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It seems funny to be amazed at how well the body functions when it is in good health, eh? I'm glad to have the articles which provide good information for us and supplies a list of resources that we can look up if we wish to pursue it further.

Now if we could just get ZergNet, the malignant trojan-horse style hype-media off of SparkPeople I'd trust their devotion to their users even more. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Good information...just not enough Report
Interesting Information. Report
Thanks for the information! Report
thanks Report
How does one cultivate good bacteria? Just not eat junk food? Only fruits and veg? Good article but a bit more of how to be proactive would be nice. Report
Very good information, thanks for sharing. Report
Great article! I have read it before but get something new each time. A few years ago my sister and I started taking Floragen3 which was developed at the UW Madison campus. I have to admit in addition to our healthier diet it has done my gut well! Report
Excellent information Report
Excellent information Report
Good information, thanks! Report
keeping a healthy gut by eating probiotics in kefir has been my plan. It works! Report
Interesting information, now if they could put that into practice to help people lose weight. Report
Very good information

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