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Common Foods That Could Be Hurting Your Belly

Avoid These Foods to Feel Better Fast


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One rule of thumb with leftovers is that they should be refrigerated within two hours after having been cooked or brought out of the fridge. And in the summer, if it's really hot where you are, it can be a good idea to refrigerate things sooner. The sooner the better!

Very elucidating, thank you! I'm really glad you mentioned sulfites, most articles about allergies don't mention that one, but it can kill you! I'm allergic to that. Everyone has been saying that if you got sick with a drug, it's not like the kind in food, but this article you've used as a source says it is the same. So that's food for thought. I'm going to be reading about that, since I got really sick with sulfite antibiotics. I lost a lot of weight in only 10 days! I've already eliminated dairy and soy, but I'm still sick, so sulfites might be the next to go. I just need to feel well enough to sleep through the night without being kept up or being woke up repeatedly in the night. This article is SO USEFUL! Please write more like this! Report
I've been trying to watch what I take in (been given a list of "do's & don'ts for food). However I broke all the guidelines tonight with a slice of bread, 2 eggs, shredded cheese, chocolate bar, & ice cream. No excuse, but it's been an insane 24 hrs! Sigh....... Report
Luckily I have never had any of these problems even in my care-free fat dumb and happy days. I guess I have a cast iron stomach. Losing the weight now and have changed the way I eat, (more beans for one) but none of these changes have caused any pains any more than my fat loving diet of yore. Report
Thank you. Report
Broadly speaking a change in diet can also do this in most people. A lot of people introduce extra vegetables for example, and then often don't allow their GI tract to get accustomed to the change. Report
it's broccoli and cauliflower that cause me distress. I never would've thought of inulin Report
Excellent need-to-know information. Thanks! Report
I have a problem with sulfites in some dried fruits and with inulin. That is great about rinsing beans. I am a vegetarian primarily and I eat a lot of beans; another way to cut down on the flatulence (fancy term for gas) and bloating is taking Bean-No tablets before eating ("Take Bean-No and they'll be no gas"), it's an enzyme that makes beans easier to digest. I find that that brand is expensive for not a lot of tablets, I buy a knock-off from Walmart online where you get 100 tablets for under 4 dollars. I eat a lot of beans! Report
Thank you for the information Report
Some foods really can affect me. Report
sugar alcohols are a huge no-no for me Report
Thank you for posting your sources! Report
Really good information contained in this article. Report
I am lactose intolerant. I'm not worried about it giving me gas, but if I eat anything more than a few tablespoons of anything dairy rich it is going to clean me out in about 35 to 45 mins. I know from experience to really limit my samples of dairy rich food. At least I have no desire for big servings of ice cream, custard, frozen custard or cheesecake to fight even though I do like occasional small servings! Report
Sugar alcohols can be VICIOUS to your intestinal tract!!!

Wheat makes me bloat :-( Report

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