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How to Choose the Right Food for your Pet

What to Feed Your Cat or Dog


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I never thought about animals having food allergies. I saved this article for future reference. I was checking out the sources and paused when I read Nestle. But it was a person's name, not the company that steals water and makes Purina. Report
It must be remembered cats are obligate carnivores. Their bodies don't make or make enough of a couple of amino acids. Taurine deficiency in cats can cause muscle weakness and blindness. My first food allergy cat was years ago. There weren't so many food options in the early to mid 80's, but a work up for chronic diarrhea was done at the vet school. He also had some hair pulling which increased with stress and can be seen in some cats, He was a rescue kitten earlier. Nothing showed up so I had to start him on a rice and lamb baby food (high on the baby food) diet. That stopped the diarrhea and he started putting some weight back on. Then came the adding ingredients trials. The vet adviser researching nutrition there suggested we trial him on the prescription weight loss formula (there were not many vet prescription diets or even manufacturers back then) since it lacked the ingredients he was reacting to.

Over the years more dietary options became available so it was much easier to trail with a corn and wheat free diet last year when two of my Sr cats started pulling out their hair with nothing showing abnormal on workup. They both have full coats now. Some kittens (ex some Persian, Siamese, Manx and their crosses) can be born with lactose intolerance that can cause GI problems and can lead to death if they are not switched to lactose free formula and food. It can take a bit of looking to find a local supplier at times. Most adult cats are lactose intolerant. There are lactose free formulas available now for the adults for a treat too.

Skin tests (on the animals shaved sides were available back in the 80s and can still be done now through vet schools and some specialty practices) for environmental and contact allergies. Allergy shots for some allergens can be formulated and do help some patients. Report
What you feed you pet is super important! DH has a service dog and for sure she eats better than lots of people I know. Report
My Dog has allergies,, she would get dermatitis, and her paws would get red from her licking them. Took her to a Veterinary Dermatologist and we found out it wasn't a food allergy, it was environmental,( it only happens in Late summer/and through the fall. We got the rash and her paws cleared up, but I also asked for a recommendation for a better dog food and gave me a couple of choices. She really liked one of them, and that's what I get her, I need to go to a specialty store, and it's a little pricier but I will not put a price tag on her health,( just like I won't put a price on ours) Report

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