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The Buzz on Caffeine: Health Benefits and Risks


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Need my fix every morning to get going. Report
thanks for sharing Report
Thanks Report
Written in 2013...
My PCP advised me to cut back years ago, and I have, slowly. I am down to one large mug a day, and rarely have coffee after 3 pm...I do like green tea in the evening. Report
thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good news since I need some caffeine in the morning. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Tea is my caffeine source, SparkFriend. Oh yeah Report
Great article. Report
Good info. Report
I love my coffee and every time I read about its (potential) healthy benefits, I just consider myself ahead of my time LOL Report
Good article ... great information. Report
I used to tell people, every time I thought about cutting down on caffeine, I’d read another report on how it’s believed caffeine helps prevent diabetes, pancreatitis, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s - pour me another cup! Report
Great article, thank you. Report

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