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The Buzz on Caffeine: Health Benefits and Risks


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Great article. Report
Good info. Report
I love my coffee and every time I read about its (potential) healthy benefits, I just consider myself ahead of my time LOL Report
Good article ... great information. Report
I used to tell people, every time I thought about cutting down on caffeine, I’d read another report on how it’s believed caffeine helps prevent diabetes, pancreatitis, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s - pour me another cup! Report
Great article, thank you. Report
I drink tea and enjoy the taste. The amount of caffeine is irrelevant to me. Report
Great article of information! Report
This article uses high numbers for measured coffee and low numbers for a unmeasured amount of tea. Wondering why is the writer deliberately making coffee look worse than tea, where ounce to ounce, tea has more caffeine? The studied cited provides more numbers but the article shows the worst of coffees and the best of tea. Report
I use to drink a lot of coffee but now I usually have one BIG cup in the morning with breakfast. Report
As with everything moderation is key. With me working 65 hrs a week sips on coffee & occasional caffeine tablet keep infused & alert. But some times it does keep me from one my favorite past times naps. But I need to curb other areas when I consume too much. Report
One of the best articles on caffeine I have seen. Thanks. I can enjoy my morning coffee now without guilt. Report
great article Report
Great information. Report
I like the references Report

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