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7 Ways to Stop the Spread of Germs

Tips to Keep Others Healthy When You're Sick


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Good reminders! AND WEAR A MASK...updated to 2021. Report
thanks Report
Thank You so much for this important information. We are right in the middle of the Flu Season. Report
Work hard at keeping from getting sick. Follow many of these suggestions Report
Great tips. I just wish people would follow them. I work as a cashier and see people in line sneezing and blowing their noses and then I have to handle money from their germ ridden hands. That’s why I ALWAYS wear gloves. I had to pay for them myself but it was a small price to pay to try to protect myself out in the retail world. Report
Thanks Report
*good* reminders Report
All hood reminders! Thank you! :-) Report
Thanks Report
Don't send your sick children to school or nursery either! Report
I was bad and went to work when I shouldn't have. And I got it from others who did the same thing. Report
I love Fall but hate the colds and flu. Report
Super ideas! I love that you've added sources. Report
I agree STAY THE F**K HOME!!!! There are individuals AT WORK that seem to think that they will be paid out their sick time when they "retire" (most of them are lazy entitled bastards).NOT Report

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