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13 Weight-Loss Rules You'll Love to Follow


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If it is going to work long term, you have to incorporate some of these. Thanks. Report
Some good points, but for me I would leave a few out. Report
pretty good advice Report
Healthy living should bring me success Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
I have to keep chocolate in the house it is too unbearable. Also, I'd much prefer 1/2 cup of good ice cream to 2 cups of mediocre ice cream. Report
But there's no reason to give up all carbs, especially the whole sources you'll get in healthful fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains *are* dairy products.

I think you typed "are" when you meant to type "or". Report
thank you Report
Great article. ty
Seems like I was always saying: I can't have this or that. Now I have what I want that is good. I keep a lot of fruits. Today I had a ham sandwich and some potato chips. Report
So many things I already do. Report
Still working on my brain. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Gourmet food is a fave. Report

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