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10 Common Houseplants That Can Hurt Your Pets

These Plants are Poisonous to Cats & Dogs


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Thanks for the great advice. Report
Wow. I knew a couple of those but most were a complete surprise to me. Not only do we have strictly indoor cats and plants, we have strictly outdoor cats and plants. The latter cats come and go as they wish, but the plants survive or we kill them. I've got the brownest thumb of anyone I've ever met. Up in the NW where humidity can be 80% I succeeded in killing an air fern.

Yup, I'm glad I read this article. Time to replace a couple indoor plants. Report
Great info! Thanks for sharing this one!!!!! Report
I have 2 cats, one likes to chew on the leaves & the other likes to dig in the dirt, so no house plants for me, lol. Great info though, thanks Report
Thanks for the list! Report
I have to carefully choose my plants because of the cats. I actually plant oat grass in a pot so they can have something to chew on. Report
I did not realize that there were so many different plants that can harm my dog. Report
Great article for pet owners. Report
I can't have any kind of living plant or flower inside my house because they ail be completely destroyed within minutes by my cats. Report

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