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10 'People Foods' You Can Feel Good about Feeding Your Dog

Healthy Treats Your Pup Will Love to Eat


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When DH's service dog was training we used chicken breast--she'll do anything for chicken. Boneless skinless breast on sale is $2.50/lb. Dog training treats at the pet store were $7/lb and she didn't like them nearly as much. All I did was boil the chicken and then dice it. Report
As an owner one should take proper care of dogs by giving them the best possible food. The best way to feed them quality food is to go to a dog food supplier. There are reputed suppliers like Brooklyn dog food delivery, NY dog food delivery and more that even let you order food for your dog online. You can visit to get an idea of it. Report
Apples are great to feed to your dog, but make sure you don't feed them the seeds. They are poisonous to dogs; especially little dogs because of their body weight. Report

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