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The Best Foods for Football Fans

Healthy Tailgating Tips and Recipes


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There are only a few here I would term 'healthful', most of this is loaded with salts and fats. Report
These seem pretty doable I am afraid now to drink because the "new" study out about alcohol and cancer.... Erring on the side of once every 2-3 weeks extreme limit... Report
Tailgating must mean something else in American. In English English it means driving dangerously close to the car in front. The article turned out to be a bit of a surprise to me. ;) Report
Bank some calories during the week!

Save or bank 50-100 calories a day, and enjoy your tailgate party guilt free...or mostly! Report
Great ideas! Report
These are great for my hubby for the superbowl game. I will try someof them. Report

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