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How Many Calories Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

Your SparkPeople Calorie Range Explained


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Thank you! Report
thanks Report
Very interesting but I on't think I got my question answered. Report
interesting Report
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Some great information Report
i just track my usual calories Report
Great info ... thank you! Report
I have heard about others claiming Golo works. I just wonder if they have ever heard of Spark People? Report
Glad I have a calculator! Report
Anyone who is seeking a program that offers slower weight loss and weight management, with a more flexible eating program. check this article :
calories_guidelines/ Report
While most of what is in this article makes sense, this quote is wrong and contributes to the problems with weight and what the ideal weight is in society today; it reads: "(BMI).........measures a general relationship between weight and height but does not distinguish between fat (which doesn't weigh much) and muscle (which weighs a lot)." A pound is a pound is a pound, regardless of whether it is fat or muscle or chickens. Muscle weight is denser, more compact, and weight from fat takes up more space, so keeping with the example above, a muscular 180lbs looks leaner than 180lbs of "fat". Report
I just track my regular calories Report
Thank you Report

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