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Helping Pets Cope with Temperature Extremes

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats


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My Westie, named Scooter, LOVES the snow,( she's a West Highland White Terrier, topping off at around 19 pounds) She'll put her face in it and push through it, (kind of like a canine snow plow) Her face comes up all snowy with ice balls in her fur. If it is snowing, or is very cold she has a couple of different coats to wear. One is a hoodie that goes over her head and has short sleeves, that is for playing in the snow. Another is a jacket that is fine for when she needs an outside visit. She also has a raincoat,( best purchase I ever made). I tired the dog boots, but she didn't like them, so I make sure to dry her feet, clean them with an alcohol free Baby wipe, and then pat them dry again. I try to get as many of the ice balls as I can from her face, but sometimes they just need to melt on their own. Report
Thanks for the tips! Report

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