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6 Secrets to Save on Pet Food

Feed Your Pet, Fatten Your Wallet!


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our baby ate everything that we placed in front of her. Our daughter`s dogs are not that way and they get ill at foods that brother their tummy. so i guess its the pet and not the food .i can only say love your baby without care but watch and see how they react to foods and do likewise with feeding them. Report
My Girl has environmental allergies,( usually in the fall) Several years ago a Dermatologist that I took her to, suggest a better grade of dog food, that had limited ingredients. I switched her to one and she loves it. I checked at Amazon and they do have her brand and flavor but it is MORE expensive than if I bought it at the pet supply shop we use,( Pets-mart doesn't carry it but a local "boutique" shop does.)

I too, agree with the previous comment regarding dog food choices. This was a poorly researched article. While there are SOME pricey dog foods that have very similar content to the cheap brands, I don't feed those. I always read the label. Just as different people have allergies and dietary needs, so do dogs! Try looking for a grain free, poultry free dog food. You won't find that in the bottom of the barrel "cheap" brands!

Also, if you note the calorie per cup for various brands, you might actually find your daily cost is lower with a better quality food, not to mention the potential savings at the vet. Report
I can't shop bulk. I have a cat that likes to have different foods. Report
I agree with HOPEFUL4KY's post. I was disappointed with the information in this article, especially from a site that focuses on health. Our pet's health is important, and it's our responsibility to make sure we feed them quality food. Report
I would not suggest following this articles advice and switch to a cheaper brand. There is a reason the higher quality brands cost more. They are better foods. Most of us are here on sparkpeople to learn to eat better.... not to go out and eat junk food (mcdonalds, etc) every day. Yet that is essentially what this article advocates. Suggesting to feed a low quality food to save money is just like feeding your dog mcdonalds every day. It isn't what is best for them. The cheap foods are loaded with cheap fillers that aren't the best options for dogs health. Dogs shouldn't be eating a diet laden with corn and corn gluten meal, soy, wheat, or brewers rice. Dogs are carnivores. Their food should be made up mostly of meat, meaning the first few ingredients listed should be meat, not grains. And they should be specified meat sources, not 'animal digest', 'animal fat', or 'poultry by product meal'. You have no idea what the sources of these meats are.
Corn is difficult to digest for dogs, offers limited nutritional value, and many dogs are allergic to it. Corn gluten meal is basically the remains of corn after most of the nutritious bits have been removed. Cheap filler. Brewers rice is a low quality grain used as a filler. Soy and wheat both tend to cause allergies in dogs. In fact, wheat is the most common ingredient to cause allergies in dogs. Soy is used to raise the protein content cheaply in place of using actual high quality meat so they can keep the price low.
Vitman K is also a common ingredient in lower quality dog foods. It has been shown to cause liver problems in dogs.
You also are inadvertently paying more for the cheap food. Dogs can not utilize as much of the cheap foods, so more is expelled as waste. A high quality food is better utilized by the dog and less is expelled as waste. Since the dog is able to utilize more of the high quality food, it doesn't have to eat as much of it, so it balances out paying more up front for high quality food. A bag of good quality food will wind up lasting longer than the cheap brands.

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