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How to Safely Disinfect Your Home

What You Don't Know about Killing Germs


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Your definition of sanitizing is incorrect. Sanitizing is the same as cleaning, with detergent or other cleaning solution, removes visible dirt and debris.
Disinfecting, by means of chemicals or boiling, kills MOST microbes within 10 minutes. Sterilization, by means of auto-clave, kills 99.999% of microbes. Report
As a former food service grunt, I say brava to the lesson on the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing~ Report
Thank you I'll write more later the library is kicking me out. Report
Thanks so much for this article. I am very conscious of not using disinfectants that are too strong, so learning what to clean helps me a lot. Report
I agree with Lola. This was an excellent article, and very useful. Report
Stepfanie, thumbs up and a big pat on the back for a truly well-researched, highly useful (especially right now, at the height of flu season) article! Have been using baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen for a long time because I really don't want chemicals around - or especially in - our food, and so far, so good (knocking on wood)! Report

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