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Take Your Dog for a Hike

What You Need to Know before You Hit the Trail


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Thanks Report
We hike Conservation Areas in the MO bluffs along the Mississippi River. Love it! Lots of challenges Report
we have many great walking paths in my area, complete with poop bags at the trail head but people still do not pick up after their dogs. "It's natural" seems to be the common refrain. Report
great ideas Report
Our local Humane Society does a monthly Paws on the Path guided hikes for dogs and their people. Report
Because, Montera, if you ever watched Friends according to Rachel all dogs are boys and all cats are girls..LOL--that reasoning from Rachel always made me laugh..joking aside, I find most folks do assume your pup is a boy--even my hubby when I brought home a rescue said "come here, boy!" so I had to break it to him gently..first..yes, we now had a rescue pup of just 6 weeks old and, sorry, Hun, he's a she. He got over it quickly and now thinks all dogs are girls..Go figure!! LOL Report
The leash law is there for a good reason... Its protection for the owner and his dog as well as other hikers and their dogs. An unleashed dog, no matter how good the dog, is a hazard for everyone. From experience, the victim of a dog attack is responsible for medical costs. Getting an owner of a "lovable" dog to pay up is near impossible. Report
Don't forget pet insurance just in case something happens! My vet loves Trupanion and so do I! Report
I loved this article!!! Report
This is a great article for those of us with fur-exercise buddies. Report
Dogs everywhere thank you! Report
Great tips. My Sadie thanks you Report
Nice article.
Please, please, PLEASE keep your dog on a leash, for all the reasons cited in the article, and:
- Your dog is perfectly behaved, of course, but so often a large dog has come bounding up to me or a fellow hiker on the trail, jumped up, and knocked the person over. No injuries so far.
- Again, YOUR dog is perfectly behaved, but an off-leash dog snatched the sandwich right out of a fellow hiker's hand when we were stopped for lunch ... and the dog owner just looked embarrassed and THEN put the dog on a leash.
- Many trails exist through the good will of private landowners. Respect their generosity by staying on the trail (and keeping your pet on the trail too).

I hope to see you on the trail .... with your leashed dog.
Thank you! Report
Nice article, but why do you think that all dogs are male? Report
I have been checking into hiking around my area for myself, but didn't think about taking Sassy. This article has some great tips and some I never even considered! Thanks SP! Report

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