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Is the Dog Park Safe for Your Pet?

Dog Park Safety Tips and Rules


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We have a dog park located in a very nice public park about ten minutes away. I have a West Highland White Terrier, obedience trained and well socialized. I took her several years ago, right after it opened. She hated it. Plus the area for the small dogs had mostly dirt, as the grass had died,( I know dog urine can do this, but the area for large dogs was green) With all of the dirt, it wasn't good for her or her pretty coat. We got out of there and now I simply walk her using a harness and leash. She enjoys it and makes friends with everyone she meets. She gets exercise by me tossing a tennis ball around in the yard for her to chase. She will be 15 this Dec, so she has slowed down, (but not much), and as hot as it has been I have been keeping her inside except for when she has to take care of business. As far as shots go, I DO always have her shots up to date including her Bortadella (I think I spelled it wrong) It's to prevent Kennel Cough, and since she goes to the groomer, and visits Pet Smart with me and goes other places with us when the weather is nice, it's just a good measure. Also if you plan to kennel your furry child, most kennels REQUIRE the vaccination at least two weeks before boarding. Report
I would never, never, never take my dogs to a dog park. I believe they are unhealthy & unsafe. Report

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