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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Dog or Cat


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I have 4 cats and 3 dogs (small) that are all indoor animals. The dogs stay in the laundry room with a baby gate while we're gone, and the cats have free range of the house. The dogs have free range of the house when we're home and a fenced backyard.

The best thing that I've done to pet-proof is getting the right litter box. I got a tall, plastic bin that's about 2 feet tall and has a lid with a small hole on the top. The cats can easily get in and out but the dogs can't get in. It's also opaque, so I don't even think the dogs know what's in there. I wish someone would have told me about it years ago when I was fighting regular litter boxes and baby gates; the litter bin route has been so much easier and safer! Report
I kept my beloved dog in the kitchen when we first got her, using a baby gate between the kitchen and living room. She could see us, we could see her. She was there until she was housebroken and for a short while after, so that accidents were minimized. Now she has the run of the house, when we are home. When we go out she is crated in the kitchen,( we have a Burglar alarm, and there is a clingy on the window of our screen door, letting emergency personnel that we have a dog and to save her in case of a fire and we aren't there. She has always been good about not getting into things, the only problem we had was that she chewed the woodwork in my kitchen twice. My husband just smiled and fixed it,( he hadn't wanted a dog at first but he's now her biggest fan)

Do the obvious stuff, and maybe if the pet is in the kitchen or utility area, keep any cabinets locked. Our dog never went for them, but some dogs might. Otherwise as long as you play with and talk to the dog or cat, he or she should be fine. Report

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