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10 Freezer Treats under 100 Calories

Cool Off and Slim Down!


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Some good ideas. Though I agree many are just based on smaller portions. If I could stop at just one I wouldn't need to b here!!

Keep in mind spark uses stock photos. You cannot use the pics to determine ingredients or portion etc as they are not of the actual items. I agree that they often need to do a better job selecting an appropriate image as it can be misleading. Report
My idea of something ice cold for the summer is frozen yogurt. I just put a pot of yogurt into the freezer and eat it cold whenever I want. It is both nutritious and tasty and nothing like any of the above. Report
Not only do I not want to see Cool Whip listed, I'd like more ideas for dairy free recipes.
I will try the cherries, pineapple mixed with tofu and see how that is. And I think we can all figure out how to freeze fruit juice with real fruit into popsicles - the rest are based on itsy bitsy portions. id rather have the real thing and eat less of it and less often. Report
IMO the photo that "advertises" the recipe, should be of the recipe as stated. Don't be showing an "ice cream sandwich" made with graham crackers, where the photo clearly shows chocolate on it-- but there is no chocolate included in the recipe or the calorie count. Sort of like deceptive advertising. Bait & switch. The peanut butter cup recipe is the same-- photo shows a chocolate coating over the whole cup and yet the recipe is just a little bit of chocolate syrup on the top. I don't reckon there's any rule or anything, but it always seemed to me that the standard for cookbooks etc was to photo the recipe as stated. If someone wanted to add/ subtract/ modify or whatever... then that would be an additional photo (ie, see Allrecipes. com and user submitted photos).

It's deceptive, and I don't think that's right. If the recipe as stated doesn't look "good enough" to entice people to try it..... then go back and make a better recipe.

I have no opinion about the Cool Whip etc. If I don't want to use those types of things, I'll plug in real whipping cream in the Nutrition Tracker and see how that changes the calories etc. Some people use those things and some don't-- it's a personal choice. I didn't look at all the recipes but they appear (at least for the most part) to be user-submitted; those users chose to reduce the calories with Cool Whip or whatever. Report
I agree with Spinner, I am not up for eating lab created food. I make my own whipped topping. It is very easy and you know the ingredients. If you have never made it put a mixer bowl in the freezer ( not many people do that but it is key) and on high beat heavy whipping cream,splenda 1 tblsp. and some vanilla. Report
I agree with ratcreature. I see so many recipes that look good, but when I see the ingredient list there is "whipped topping" , aka Cool Whip. Does anyone besides me have trouble eating that, aside from the fact that it is not real food? Every time I try it I have digestive issues. Report
I'm with Misjosie, the pictures are nowhere close to what the recipe is for. I made the peanut butter cups and they are absolutely nothing like the picture. And the picture that goes with the peanut butter fluff recipe is clearly a cupcake... why would you do that spark people? Report
I agree with the commenter above about the artificial ingredients. What even is "fat free whipped topping" for example? An artificial whipped cream replacement I assume? I'm not from the US and have never seen anything like that sold here. Even putting the health aspects aside, it's just hard to follow recipes that are mostly from highly processed, or even brand-name stuff, when none of that is sold everywhere and it's hard to guess whether the regular food ingredient it may be vaguely based on would even behave like that stuff, like for example does this "whipped topping" behave like whipped cream when frozen so you could use the natural things (with different calories/nutrition of course), the recipes don't say. I think featured recipes should be more accessible and not rely on such specific products. Report
Would be nice if the pictures actually showed the recipe linked to it...the peanut butter cup one doesn't even have real chocolate, just a couple drops of frozen syrup on top.

Seems like kind of shady marketing for a Sparkpeople post... Report
Thanks for the info. Some I like and some I don't. Report
I would like to see more recipes without artificial ingredients. Whether we want to lose weight or not, people were meant to eat REAL food. Not something created in a lab. Report

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