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Yoga & Digestion Issues: What You Need to Know

How Yoga Can Help or Hurt Your Symptoms


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Informative article. Report
Interesting. I don't have digestive issues myself, but my sister does, which was why I read it before I forward it to her. The parts I found most interesting were the positioning of the intestine and how and when to twist to take advantage of our natural architecture's of our digestive systems (if I recall correctly there are some rare individuals who have reversed symmetry).
PS to sister: Hi Gans! Report
A great read! Report
Thank you Report
Thanks I learned a lot from the article Report
Interesting. Report
Great article, thanks. Report
Good information Report
I love yoga! Report
Very necessary! Jackpot for me! Thanks a lot. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This was an interesting article and gave lots to think about...thanks too for linking to the study. Report

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