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How to Define Your Personal Style

Tips to Find Your Own Unique Look


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good points Report
Thank you for imparting some style savvy! It is much needed in these parts! Report
I know my style. Colorful, coordinated & comfortable in the right proportions. I am full busted & short waisted so longer tops to balance my tall physique. Stylish but not too trendy for my age. Got rid of clothes that no longer fit or that I didn't love & still have too many! LOL Report
I would like to define my own personal style. This article is a good start. Thank you. Report
Thanks for sharing.. Report
Good points. Report
even as i got older, i disliked the shoes and shirts that made me look old. now that I NEED THE BRACES FOR MY FEET, old lady shoes is what i have to settle for. Shirts - wear to feel good and look good style!! Report
Thanks for a great article :) Report
I know with my feet, I had to give up the high heels after some bad falls that tore up my legs. The heavier I got after the injuries, the harder it was to balance on high heels, especially after I learned that one leg is in fact noticeably longer than the other. So now I have had to realize it is better to spend the money on good shoes and my favorite brands and styles are Kalso Earth Shoes, Birkenstock, Soft Star, Alegria, Dansko, those types of shoes...if the color is too "old ladyish" for me, I am not above getting some bright color leather dye and re-dying my shoes! Done it before and actually, I need to do that again - too many pairs of black shoes!! Report
Sometimes I go more for comfort than anything else. That can be a mistake unless you look for style in comfort! Report

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