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7 Ways to Build a Stylish Wardrobe on a Budget

Smart Ways to Save Money on New Clothes


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Thanks for the great article and information. I agree with all the points you made. Thanks Report
Good information! Thanks! Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the info. Check out this website for saving your money: [url=]Rabatt-

Sale racks, thrift shops, and online shopping are my go-tos for clothing. Many thrift shops have boutiques where you can get upper end clothes and accessories for bargain prices. I dressed for daughter's wedding for under $30--gold 20s style slinky dress, wrap, shoes, and amber earrings. The shoes were the best deal. I spotted a perfect gold pair in my hard to fit size in a laundry basket of $1 shoes! Report
all good info Report
I also shop thrift stores. I refuse to buy a lot of clothing til I get to my desired weight Report
I also shop thrift stores. I refuse to buy a lot of clothing til I get to my desired weight Report
Won't need new clothes if I'm fitting back into my old classic pieces. Report
Learn a bit of tailoring -- it's surprising how much better a cheap piece of clothing looks if it has some tailoring to make it fit you. Hems on pants are one example. Report
I was surprised this was so online focused. I don't mind shopping online, but clothes get tricky. My mom has given me countless clothing she's bought online, tried on, and it didn't fit her well at all (luckily most of them work for my shape). Returning them costs shipping and it's a pain. I prefer to be able to try something on before buying. What if the neckline scoops way low, or the pants end up being too short? It seems like more of a waste than a savings.

Having said that, I'm all on board with the thrift stores. I also buy a lot of clothes off-season. I got a pair of jeans for $4 at the start of last summer, at a department store! Report
I'll second the recommendation to check consignment shops and thrift stores. I found a long London Fog trench coat with removable liner for $17. My husband found one for $8. Can't beat that! Report
My #1 regarding wardrobe enhancement: make friends with your local thrift shop and the consignment shops. I have found wonderful clothes...designer labels!

When I began my weight loss journey, my clothes were baggy, and I didn't want to spend big money on transitional clothes. Finding the local thrift shop was great. As I lost more weight, I brought the too-big items back to thrift shop for someone else, and I got small items. It's a win-win situation. Report
Not mentioned were high-end thrift and consignment shops. Last season's styles can be picked up for a steal. Report

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