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The Best Dog Leashes and Harnesses for Any Activity

How to Pick the Right Accessory for Your Pet


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Thanks for the suggestions! Report
You mentioned the WebMaster by Ruffwear; it is an amazing harness. They are an amazing company for active owners with active dogs -- and also many disabled people love their stuff for their service dogs, too. in addition to the Webmaster harness, they have bungee leashes, skijoring, hiking, climbing, camping, trail running, and other awesome gear for dogs to exercise with you. Not affiliated, just a huge fan of their products and their company. Report
Great ideas Report
Very interesting. I will pass this along to my dog lovers. Report
Great ideas! I have Bart! He is the sweetest German Pinscher in the world. I feel bad for him sometimes because he loves walking with us, but when my daughter is on her bike (or skates), he gets left behind. Bart and I thank you. Report

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