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Choosing the Right Leash and Collar for Your Dog

From Everyday Leashes and Collars to Training Tools


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Just a word of caution--if you get a pronged collar for your dog--please only put it on him/her while walking. These collars are not meant to be on the dog 24/7--too many freak things can happen. Report
Puppy classes can be helpful because they introduce puppies to human and canine strangers early so there will often be less fearful aggression and biting later. Obedience training can save your dog's life in some situations. If one system of cues doesn't work well for your dog another can be tried. Many good trainers can offer an alternative set of cues if your dog doesn't respond well to their favorite system since not all dogs are the same. Obedience can be done in harness if the dog has a neck injury or defect. It is often an easy transition for dogs who learned obedience before their injury or health problem made harness work necessary. The handler just has to work with a consistent set of cues (and a controlled temper) that the dog leans to respond to.

One way to get the attention of a puller is stopping and calmly changing direction any time they pull so they learn they can only approach something interesting in a calm, quiet manner or having them heel after they have learned that. Structured obedience lessons are generally not done in young puppies. They need to be a little more mentally mature. Six months is a appropriate start time for many, but some can start a bit younger and some (esp larger breed puppies) may need to start a bit later. A good trainer can evaluate this for each puppy. Many of them may have trained breed, obedience, herding, or hunting dogs of their own. If one trainer is not a good match for you and your dog, you may want to try another. Report
I took my girl to puppy obedience classes and tried everything to get her to not pull on leash. But she'd see something interesting and was suddenly trying to walk me,( which is funny seeing as how she is only 20 pounds. A harness is much easier and works better for us, I seem to have more control. She get excited when the harness comes out because she knows she's going on a walk and not just out in the yard. Report

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