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Sporty Dogs: The Best Breeds for Active People

The Best Dogs for Running, Biking and Other Outdoor Activities


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We have a mixed breed, Aussie-Doodle. She is a great walking companion and can also run like a Gazelle. You don't have to have a pure bred dog to have a good workout companion. And, she is the most loving dog we have ever owned. Report
I love this article about dogs. I have 5 adopted mutts and one Australian Cattle Dog and they are all awesome at any task in a tropical country, long hikes, sprints, etc. Hydration and early hours are key though. Report
good article Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
WOW...good to know...thanks! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Not all Labs like water. Report
Thanks. Our doberman is just the right dog for our activities. She loves attention and loves to please. She definitely needs daily exercise. Report
My standard poodle loved doing whatever active sports I was capable of, including pulling me around the block, me on my sled, whenever there was enough snow. Last time I remember doing it I was 16 & he 8, & I was at least 120 lbs. He was a retriever of sticks thrown in the lake & a companion of our neighbor's (female) collie, with predictable results. When my mother sailed our Sunfish otherwise solo, he went too, making a nice bit of ballast. Report
When we had a standard poodle she loved to run with my husband and got to the point where she could long distance run with him. They both enjoyed those long runs. Report

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