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4 Health Problems Linked to Depression

How Depression Can Hurt Your Physical Health


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Excellent article that encourages the reader to seek professional help if showing signs of depression and outlines why seeking help for it is so important. Been there and doing that. Thank you! Report
Excellent article on depression. I especially liked the expose on depression in the elderly. Thanks, SparkPeople! Report
Good info. Report
Excellent article. Report
Great information that spoke to me Report
I feel really Blessed!! I don't think that I've ever been truly depressed in my entire 68 years!!! Report
I have been diagnosed with severe depression and have been under a doctors care for almost six months. I was given a list of things to do along with medication and regular monitoring. I've changed my eating habits dramatically after discovering I also have heart disease, explosive high cholesterol (over twice the number of danger), and damage to my internal organs. My doctor used the words "severely life threatening!" when speaking to me. I have been diligent with all the instructions and have had the blessing of a supportive husband (this is a change for us both) who is helping to do so. It is still hard everyday and difficult at the least. However, I am trusting in God and those around me to have my back. I could never face this without support. Thanks to SparkPeople there will always be support for those who seek it. If you even suspect you or someone you know has depression do something about it. Don't be someone who regrets not having done so for any reason. Hugs and Hugs! (Always two hugs, one for each side, because you need to be balanced.) Report
Great information. Report
Thank you for this informative article.. I have been diagnosed with Chronic depression, I take meds and do other things to help myself. Chronic pain is my partner...everyday is a struggle..some days are worse than others..gratitude helps Report
There are levels. Many of us can eat more at low to moderate levels of depression and or anxiety, but much less at higher levels when GI upset can be playing a role. Some other behavior changes may be seen too with several conditions. Report
Everything is connected; mind and body. Report
The opposite can also be true- physical ailments, especially chronic ones, can cause depression. Report
I am surprised that substance abuse and other addictive behaviors are not listed. It seems this is to far reaching of a topic to lost only 4. Report
Like others I'm not so sure about the article- so does this mean I should go start drinking and smoking to get rid of my depression??? After all the both can considered to cause heart disease and some of the other problems here. As for dementia, its not so simple, Most of these are caused by a multitude of factors, a lot of them having a LOT more influence than depression. Report

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