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Hitting That Big Old Wall

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Stopping


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Great Article! I am reminded of a quote from Professor Pausch that he gave in his "Last Lecture" (if you haven't seen it, you MUST watch it on youtube, it is a life changing speech) He said that brick walls are put in your path to test how much you truly want something, not to stop you from getting what you want. I found that so profound, and I use those words every day to motivate me through a rough patch. Report
great article, julie! i'm not a runner, but i can easily translate these tips to my personal goals. Thanks! Report
Exactly what I needed to hear! I always wondered what mental "dialogue" finishers used! The hardest part of running is the battle with that little voice that says, "You can stop, it won't matter" Now I have some strategies to deal with satan....umm i mean the voice! Report
Thanks for the article not only is it very motivational and I truely need all the motivation I can get. These little brain tricks actually work really well!! Report
Thanks for the positive comments.It is quite tough doing this alone but with people like you on board and your personal experiences it helps to make a person realize it can and will be done. Most people that read these messages will benefit and to those of you who have succedded my hat is off to you.Keep up the good work Spark People . Report
Oh yes, i can relate to that one and this was exactly the motivation I needed now! Thanks Report
Yes! Don't think about the wall, don't stop and look at the hard stuff--just do, just go, focusing on what comes ahead. I also use the "just this much more" technique--sometimes even when I'm doing housework--and then it's done!! Report
There's no marathon for me but I'm at that wall in and have been for a whil, but I find myself between a rock and a hard place.. can't go back and can't seem to master myself to go forward and so much depends on me keeping on. It's too easy to look at the negatives-- too much weight, too little effort to exercise, recovering from breast cancer surgery, raising 2 as a single parent....once I felt like Wonder Woman.. now I wonder: woman, can you keep on. I'd like to pull up the covers.. but someone has to do the pay the, l roll out of bed hoping today is the day that I see the light at the end. Report
Perfect timing, I have had a rough year, I would say I "hit the wall". But I'm not giving up and am slowing coming back! Great Article, I have sent it to many.

thanks- as a runner as well- I totally understand and endorse everything you said- it is so applicable to every aspect of fitness, weight loss and life in general- Valuable life skills to be learned here. Report
This is a keeper. I don't need it today, but there will come a time when I'm going to need to read this again more than ever. Pam Report
This is a motivating article! I'm saving it for the times I will feel like giving up, or that I am not accomplishing what I need to do...or just for a pick me up! Report
I feel this article was on target we have to keep on looking straight ahead, we are different people everyday and have to focus on improving ourselves. Report
Thanks for this article, and for the great comments. I am struggling right now, but now I'm starting to feel more like I can keep moving forward. Report
This article was right on time. Thanks!!! Report

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